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The Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA) is America’s oldest umbrella organization representing the Ukrainian American community. The UCCA is pleased to announce that you will receive special privileges by renewing your membership or becoming a new member of the UCCA.


By becoming a member of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, you are entitled to:

  • Advance email notice of UCCA-sponsored and/or co-sponsored national events; and discounts when available;
  • Email version of UCCA monthly Bulletin
  • UCCA Backgrounders – analysis on various current events/topics in Ukraine;
  • Email version of UNIS’ “Ukraine in Brief” reports – up to the minute news on Ukraine;
  • Discounts on all publications & DVDs available at the UCCA ; and
  • 25% discount on any available Ukrainian Quarterly back issues, prior to 2004.

To receive your UCCA discount on any purchases, please send a copy of proof of membership payment (current UNF receipt – the yellow receipt card) when placing your order.

UCCA Annual Dues

The UCCA’s annual dues to the Ukrainian National Fund (UNF) are as follows:

Regular membership - $50

Senior citizens - $30

Students - $25

* All donations to the UCCA are tax-exempt

Yes, I would like to renew my membership/join the UCCA.

Enclosed please find my annual dues of $ ____________


All checks/money orders should be made out to “UCCA” and given to your local branch or sent directly to the UCCA National Office at:

203 Second Avenue
New York, NY 10003
UCCA: Your Voice… Your Community… Your Heritage!
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