In 2017, the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC), the unifying body of Ukrainian communities around the world, is commemorating its 50th anniversary of service in furthering the interests of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.  Following the February launch in Toronto, Canada, the UWC will be marking its historic anniversary in communities around the world under the motto “Ukrainians together – the future is ours!”


As a founding organization and an integral member of the Ukrainian World Congress, the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America will be hosting the UWC’s 50th Anniversary commemorations on Saturday, September 16, 2017,  where it all began - in New York City!*

The 50th anniversary commemorations will begin with a commemorative/high-level Conference entitled: UWC at 50 and Beyond: The North American Vector, during which two dozen policy-makers, scholars, and civil society representatives from the United States, Canada and Ukraine will explore the work of the UWC over the past 50 years and beyond.  The topics to be covered include: The Ukrainian World Congress at Fifty Reflecting on High-Water Mark Achievements; Taking Measure of UWC’s Efforts to Improve US-Ukraine & Canada-Ukraine Relations; Highlighting Ukrainian World Congress Efforts in the United Nations; Assessing the Impact of the Ukrainian World Congress – A View from Ukraine; Examining UWC’s Work in the Humanitarian/Social Services/Human Rights Spheres; Examining UWC’s Efforts in the Cultural /Informational /Educational Spheres; The Ukrainian World Congress Looking Forward What to Expect in the Next 50 Years.

The Conference will be followed by a Gala Banquet, entitled “The Future is Ours: A Celebration of Unity in Purpose”, which will highlight the accomplishments of the UWC throughout its 50-year history and more importantly, focus on a common vision for the future.

Both the Commemorative Conference and Gala Banquet will take place at the Princeton Club, located at 15 West 43rd Street in New York City. The banquet will be held in the Princeton Club’s prestigious Alexander Hamilton Room. For more information, or to register to attend, please contact the UCCA National Office either by phone at (212) 228-6840 or by email to Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів, Вам потрібно включити JavaScript для перегляду .


*New York City was the venue for the First World Congress of Free Ukrainians held in 1967.  Delegates from 20 countries of the free world took part in the week-long proceedings to develop greater cohesion and more effective utilization of the Ukrainian diaspora’s manpower and resources in its mission to help the Ukrainian people shed the chains of Soviet oppression. The historic conclave, which sought worldwide support for Ukraine’s freedom concluded with a mass Freedom Rally at Madison Square Garden on November 18.

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