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The Ukrainian National Information Service (UNIS) has been the Ukrainian American community's public relations office in Washington, D.C. since 1977.

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UNIS Brochure

UNIS Acts as a liaison office of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA) facilitating interaction between the Ukrainian community and Members of Congress, administration officials, the mass media, and think tank organizations. Working to enhance the participation and visibility of the Ukrainian American community in the U.S. political processes and government activities pertaining to Ukraine, UNIS cooperates with such groups as the Congressional Ukrainian Caucus (CUC), which was founded in 1997 through UNIS' efforts.

The functions of UNIS include:

Advocating Ukrainian American Issues of Interest and Concern to Government Officials in Washington, D.C.
  • Promoting sustained levels of U.S. foreign assistance to Ukraine.
  • Voicing the community's opinion on important matters. UNIS' Action Items provide timely information and offer recommendations on how best to advocate our concerns. Repealing the Jackson-Vanik amendment for Ukraine is just one example of the success of our efforts.
  • Tracking legislation that affects Ukraine and our community. UNIS advocated passage of a bill to construct a monument on federal land in Washington, D.C. to honor the victims of the Ukrainian Genocide of 1932-33.
  • Enhancing the participation and visibility of Ukrainian Americans in the legislative process. UNIS annually organizes "Ukrainian Days" in Washington, D.C. to offer community representatives the opportunity to meet with their elected officials in the U.S. Congress and discuss priorities of our community. Briefing sessions, breakfast with members of the CUC, and receptions at the Embassy of Ukraine offer additional opportunities for discussion and debate.
Strengthening Bilateral Relations Between the United States and Ukraine.
  • Facilitating meetings for Ukrainians with their U.S. counterparts.
  • Organizing video conferences between U.S. and Ukrainian lawmakers. This innovative program brings together members of the U.S. Congress and Ukraine's Parliament to discuss issues of concern and interest, bolstering mutual understanding and ties between the two legislatures.
Maintaining Active Media Relations to Provide Timely Information and In-Depth Analysis of Ukrainian Issues
  • Providing commentary and analysis on current issues and events.
  • Issuing timely Ukraine in Brief reports to lawmakers, administration officials, policymakers and members of the community summarizing recent news from and about Ukraine.
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