Civic Education Committee

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UCCA has been conducting comprehensive civic education programs in Ukraine to teach citizens the benefits of democracy and free market economic reforms since 1994. Programs included such varied projects as the production of television and radio public service announcements, support for an independent press center, printing of civic education brochures, and hosting "Town Hall"-style meetings, and Rock-the-Vote concerts.  In combination, the UCCA far-reaching civic education programs have reached over 15 million voters.

A large part of the UCCA’s Civic Education work has also included hosting delegations of international election observers to monitor Ukraine's presidential and parliamentary elections.  In 2004, the UCCA's delegation, which numbered 2,408 individuals, was the largest delegation of International Election Observers ever registered by Ukraine's Central Election Commission, surpassing the OSCE's delegation by almost 1,000 observers.   UCCA Delegations have monitored every election held in Ukraine since 1994.

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